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Brooch Bunga Batch 2

Brooch Bunga Batch 2

 Brooch bunga ni sumer homemade.
Bleh request nak warna apa..
Nanti saya buatkan khas for u all (^_^)

- Pos Laju: RM6 (WM) / RM9 (EM)

- inner scarf & accessories not included
- warna gambar mungkin berbeza sedikit dr actual item kerana lighting
- booking 24hours only, 
backout will be blacklisted


BROOCH 052: Available
BROOCH 053: Available
BROOCH 054: Available

BROOCH 055: Available
BROOCH 056: Available
BROOCH 057: Available

RM2.00 each

BROOCH 058: Available
BROOCH 059: Available
BROOCH 060: Available

RM2.00 each
 BROOCH 061: Available BROOCH 062: Available
BROOCH 063: Available

RM2.00 each

BROOCH 024 to 030: Available
RM2.00 each

BROOCH 031 to 037: Available
RM2.00 each

 BROOCH 038 to 044: Available
RM2.00 each

BROOCH 045 to 051: Available
RM2.00 each