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SOLD OUT: Satin Inner (Neck Covered)

SOLD OUT: Satin Inner (Neck Covered)
Satin underscarf worn by Hana Tajima is sooooo IN nowadays. 
Grab one & you can have her style too :)

RM60 each (exclude post)

- Pos Laju: RM6 (WM) / RM9 (EM)
- delivery dlm masa 2-3 hari bekerja
- Please take note, place your order with confidence.
- No backout buyer please.

- warna gambar mungkin berbeza sedikit dr actual item kerana lighting
- booking 24hours only,
backout will be blacklisted

Stretchable Cotton, soft & breathable.
Elegant satin band infront.
Zipper at the back of neck.

Made in Malaysia. 
Sgt selesa kerana dibuat dr material yg sesuai dgn cuaca negara kita. 
Nak pakai swimming pun bole.

 Satin Inner